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What if cloud backup fails?


Let's be honest: technology isn't perfect. Even the most reliable cloud backup plans to protect your point of sale (POS) data can sometimes have hiccups. As a business owner, the last thing you want to worry about is your information because your POS system is a lifeline!

Why You Need a Backup... Even for Your Backup

Computers aren't invincible. Hardware fails, drinks get spilled, and sometimes random glitches happen. Having an off-site backup (stored somewhere other than your shop) gives you peace of mind. If something goes wrong with your POS, that backup can help you recover quickly. Cloud backups are amazing, but they are not foolproof.

Reasons Why Cloud Backup Might Let You Down

Power's Out

If your shop loses power and your device isn't plugged in, no backup will happen.

Storage Limits

Some cloud plans don't offer enough space. Big updates or lots of inventory can eat up your storage.

Internet Woes

If your internet is slow or cuts out, that backup could get stuck.

Service Issues

Even big cloud providers sometimes have technical problems on their end.

It's not about scaring you away from the cloud, but about being prepared!

Backup Plans for Your Backup Plan

Check It Regularly

Don't just assume it's working. Log in and make sure those backups are happening.

Consider a portable Hard Drive

An old-school portable hard drive adds an extra layer of protection.

Use your home computer

This is what I do, I make a backup of my cloud once a week on my home computer

The Dreaded Ransomware

Yikes, even your cloud backup can be at risk from nasty ransomware attacks. Here are a couple of smart moves:

Turn It On/Off Strategically

If you're worried, turn cloud backup off while you work. It can hog your internet anyway.

Version Control

Some cloud services let you keep older versions of files, just in case something is corrupted.

How Much Does Cloud Backup Cost?

You can get by with many free plans, and for not much more you can get plenty of storage. Some popular options include:


If you need a lot more space than their basic free 5GB plan, they have much bigger plans for $2 a month.


They also have competitive deals worth checking out.

One good thing about Google and Microsoft is that they often throw in many extras with their cloud offerings so check them out.

The Importance of Good Internet

Cloud backup relies on a strong internet connection. Make sure you have a solid plan that can handle the data you need to back up.

We're Here to Help!

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Don't stress! Our POS company is here to guide you through finding the most secure, fail-proof backup plan for your small business.