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How Hard is it For You to do well Locally on Google? Easier Than You Think.


Many clients look at the net, throw their hands in the air, and say they cannot get there. 

Now, I admit that a small retailer to rank well in local Google search results may seem daunting. But it is not really. The way Google makes the rules now, David can compete with Goliath. You can gain visibility and attract more local customers searching online with some effort.

The Local Opportunity

  • About 28% of all Google searches are looking to buy products or services from local businesses. That's a massive number of customers.

  • For most suburb searches, Google initially suggests three local businesses. You want to be one of them!

  • Many suburbs don't have much local competition online for your type of business.

The Bottom Line: It is very achievable for a small retailer to do well in their local Google.

What Impacts Your Local Ranking Difficulty

  • Competitiveness of your industry in the geographic area

  • Strength of existing competitors' SEO and online presence

  • Size of the area - suburbs are relatively small

  • Your online presence.

The Best First Steps

Do some searches for your key products/services + your suburb name. See what the competition is doing. For example, if you are a newsagency in my suburb, Keysborough you might try. 

"lotto Keysborough"

Search for lotto in Keysborough

There is not one big company here; I know some of these people personally; they are smart operators but not major. 

"newsagency Keysborough"

Search for newsagencies in Keysborough

It is the same story with the others I check

"Toys Keysborough"

Search for toys in Keysborough

I decided to look at other products.

"dog food Keysborough"

Search for dog food in Keysborough

One big retailer out of three.

My research on the local competition in my suburb shows one small retailer would have a real chance to rank well!

You can gain more visibility and customers in local search results with the right local SEO tactics! It is very doable for small local retailers who put in the effort.

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