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Facts on waterproof barcode scanners?


What is taking off now are sales of waterproof barcode scanners. If you need this, it is worth considering.


-The big plus is, of course, that they are more resistant to water, but we certainly do not recommend putting one in a pool of water.

They are great if you need a scanner to work, for example, outside where they can get wet. They tend to be hardy so they can take punishment. One client told me that, yeah, he dropped it a few times, once into a puddle of water, and it kept working.

Another client told us how impressed they were when a coffee spill went all over a scanner with no damage.

- In use, in my experience, they are every bit as good as regular scanners. For example, they read small fine barcodes well.

The negatives would be that they are designed to be waterproof compared to an equal non-waterproof scanner generally

- So the costs are a bit more. 

- Because they are more enclosed, the range tends to be less. This can be a problem outside.

- They often do not have continuous scanning, which means you cannot aim at a spot and wait till it reads.

If you need such scanners, they are great so please let us know.


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