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Your Website and what Google is doing


Google core update

Aussie Small Businesses, the Latest Google Update Impacts Us

As someone who's worked alongside you, I know that Google's recent SEO updates bring new challenges to many of you that have website. Your website will still be a powerful tool to bring in new customers, boost sales, and build your brand, but we must accept that things are changing. Recent Google changes mean your website needs to change. 

Why You Can't Afford to Ignore These Updates

Websites aren't just a nice-to-have and forget as the rules of the game are constantly changing:

  • Your Customers Are Online: In its 2023 report, Australia Post stated that "Throughout the year, 9.4 million households in Australia made an online purchase, representing 82% of all households. On average, 5.6 million households shopped online every month." No website means missing out on a massive potential market.
  • Build Trust, Build Business: A polished website makes you look professional. People are far more likely to buy from a business they trust, and that trust starts online. Plus, Google's updates aim to level the playing field, rewarding quality over sheer size. While it might take time, a smaller business with fantastic content can outrank a larger competitor.
  • Don't Let Competitors Pass You By Even if you don't sell directly online, a website gives you that competitive edge, showing you're modern and customer-focused.

Success Stories

  • Nextra Dianella Newsagency: It is probably the most successful website in newsagencies in Australia today. The website photos are good, the descriptions are good, and you can almost taste the confectionary! Easy online ordering. When it started, the owner, Reg, told me "At first, I was worried the big stores would always outrank me,". But by focusing on details, he attracted customers from all over Australia! Online David can compete with Goliath. 

Your Guide to a Website That Works

  • Step 1: Start With Your Goals: What do you want your site to do? Attract visitors to the store? Experiment with a few key products. This helps you stay focused.
  • Step 2: Make It a Joy to Use: Easy navigation, beautiful visuals, and a design that works perfectly on phones are non-negotiable.
  • Step 3: Words That Work: Your "About Us" story and the way you describe your products all matter! Let your personality shine while being clear and helpful.
  • Step 4: Show 'Em What You've Got: High-quality photos or videos let your customers almost "touch" what you offer.
  • Step 5: Tell people they can have it now: Since you are local, can people order a product now and pick it up in-store now? 


Busting Common Website Myths

A lot of misconceptions hold small businesses back from embracing websites. Let's tackle a few head-on:

  • Myth: My customers aren't online. Even if they prefer buying in-store, people research beforehand. No website means they'll likely choose a competitor they can find online.
  • Myth: I need a huge budget. Plenty of affordable website builders exist; even a basic website is better than none. You can upgrade as your business grows.
  • Myth: Websites need massive changes to run. While staying updated is good, you don't need to overhaul your site with every update. Focus on consistently great content, and you'll naturally adapt.

Understanding Google Updates: How Do They Affect My Business?

Google search is by far the most common in Australia. If your website does not do well in Google search, it will probably not be seen by people searching for products you handle. The problem with the newest update, based on the information provided in the March 2024 Google Core Update, is that if a large retailer and small retailer websites have the same content on their websites, the large retailer would have an advantage in rankings. The problem is that most product information comes from the supplier of the item, so the larger and smaller retailers now have the same content. 

The factors that would give the larger retailer an edge in this scenario:

  1. Domain authority and backlink profile - Larger, more established retailers tend to have higher domain authority and more backlinks from reputable sites, which are major ranking factors.
  2. User signals—Larger sites may have stronger user engagement metrics, such as lower bounce rates and more pages per session, which Google uses as ranking signals.
  3. Technical optimization - Big retailers usually have more resources to optimise technical sites for performance, mobile-friendliness, etc.
  4. Brand authority - Google may perceive larger, popular shops as more authoritative and trustworthy for certain searches.

However, the Core Update's emphasis on rewarding truly high-quality, original content means that a smaller retailer providing better, more valuable content than a larger competitor could potentially outrank them despite the larger site's inherent advantages.

This is why you need to provide this better information. In a scenario of identical content, the scale would likely tip towards the larger retailer getting higher rankings. You have to make sure your content is not similar.

It's not fair, but it's the reality we need to work with.

But Don't Despair!

The good news is that better content can win! By focusing on the following, smaller shops can level the playing field:

  • Be the Expert: Dive deeper into your specific niche than big retailers can. It does not take much to improve the description. 
  • Tell Your Unique Story: No one can duplicate your business's personality or how you connect with customers. Make this shine through on your website.
  • Customer Focus: Can you offer more personalized advice or address common pain points in a way that the big guys don't?
  • Be local: Stress that you are local, e.g. you can have it now.

Key Takeaway: Google wants to reward helpfulness, but the system is not perfect. While larger businesses may have initial advantages, small shops that consistently provide unique value through their websites can thrive.

Bring it Home: Your Partner for Success.

Building a great website might seem overwhelming, but you're not alone! Think of your website as a team member, and remember, tools like our Point of Sale software can make managing your online and in-store presence much easier.

This is an investment in your business that can pay off amazingly. Let's make your competitors jealous—your online success story could start today!

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