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Customer-Facing Display: Why you need one?



One of the most popular features in our POS Software is a customer-facing screen.

They are digital displays that show detailed order information to customers such as their orders, tax, discount and loyalty information during the checkout process. You see customer-facing displays in the retail businesses all the time.

Why should you use a customer display?

Ensure sale accuracy

When a staff member enters a customer's order information, each item and price appears on the customer-facing screen. This means that the point of sale screen provides the customer with a quick and easy way to verify it is correct while being entered. Most queries can be resolved immediately, such as pricing and many incorrect quantities.

Instil customer confidence in you

One of the clear benefits of a point of sale display is the impact on the customer experience. It has transparency. That can be a great help in establishing trust between your staff and your customers.

Drive Customer Engagement

You can also use it to display advertising for your shop.


It much more looks professional, giving your shop a better image.

Speed up cash register operations

As many mistakes are noticed quicker before completing orders, your staff can immediately adjust items. Once the sales go through they, have to process a return which takes longer.

The display screen prompts the customers to act as the transaction proceeds. For example, once you scan all the items, the customer display cues customers to pay, then tells them to pick up their goods and go.

If you're considering a customer-facing display for your own business and want to see what has been working with our customers for years, we can help you. Feel free to talk with us now.

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