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Mind Mapping for Retailers in their shops


The Power of Mind Mapping for Small Business Retailers

As a small business owner, you likely juggle countless ideas, tasks, goals, and data points on a daily basis. Keeping it all organized in your head can quickly become overwhelming. This is where mind mapping comes in handy!

Many are now taught mind mapping in school. In my experience, most people do not like them often, claiming it gives them headaches, but some use it a lot. Some like me only occasionally when the thinking gets tough. This mind map took me about twenty minutes to write but I am a perfectionist.

What is Mind Mapping?

A mind map is a visual diagram of your thoughts on a subject. Most use lines, colours, images and keywords to represent their ideas. Where there are a lot of ideas, keeping it all straight in your head can be a challenge! This is where mind mapping comes in handy. It can help provide a way to visually organise your thoughts on strategies, systems, products, and more. You start with an idea and think of other ideas that come from this idea. Its great for brain storming with others.

We looked at many mind mapping software, then selected AXON 2001, which was a brilliant piece of software. Then we organised a group buy of mind mapping software, AXON 2001. Unfortunately, it is no longer on the market. Although it's still very good, the problem is that it's been over 20 years, and as we cannot get more copies for our clients, plus it is old, we looked at an alternative for our clients who want to do mind mapping.

The one we are suggesting now is Miro. It has an excellent free program, it has functions that paid versions do not have. If you do not like it, well at least you will know better what you need. 

Here is a brief explanation of the product

Mind Mapping in Action

Let's look at some ways a retailer would use mind mapping:

  • Planning a promotion: Map out objectives, tasks, timeline, budget, marketing tactics

  • Developing new products lines: Brainstorm possibilities, identify customer needs, map manufacturing process

  • Optimising inventory: Analyze sales data, plan ideal stock levels of top-selling items

  • Improving customer service: Identify pain points, explore solutions, implement training

  • Streamlining operations: Examine workflow, identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies, implement changes

Start Mapping Today!

You don't need any fancy software to start mind mapping, a pen and paper can do it often better.  Nowdays most use software as its faster and cleaner.

Some tips that work for me:

  • Write the topic in the centre

  • Put in some pictures to help you think, I find colour pictures work better. (See the mindmaps above has pictures of a shop)

  • Use lots of colours, I find putting related topics with the same colour helps a lot. 

  • Use the AI, it saves heaps of time

  • If it starts going too big, over 40 items, split it up into two mindmaps. 

If we get enough interest in the product, we will be adding hooks into it too.


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