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Newsagency, Tattslotto, small business


With over 36 years of development this is the premier newsagency software solution used by newsagents around Australia to manage customers, retail, delivery, stock and optimizing profits. With changes in the industry happening all the time, any modern newsagency is a lot of hard work and time management. Having informative reports is a very useful analysis tool. Many systems tend to be underutilized as they get slower as the information in your system increases. Our point of sale system runs on Microsoft SQL Server providing the fastest reporting processing power in newsagencies today. It also uses data warehousing and hereby provides storage without the need to remove or store summary data.



Our Chemist shop software is an easy to use point of sale platform with integrated Pharmacy tools to help grow your business quickly by streamlining labour intensive tasks. Developing an all-in-one retail and marketing software package under the watchful eye of some of Australia’s top chemists has made PosBrowser an indispensable tool. Scripts processed using FRED or AMFAC are automatically available for recall at the point of sale (cash register). This seamless integration allows full stock control of ethical lines without additional processing. Give your chemist a competitive edge. Compare PosBrowser to any other and you will see why so many are changing to our system.


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Gift Shops

PosBrowser is the perfect point of sale solution for gift shops with its lightning fast register, its powerful stock control tools and its customer loyalty marketing program. Easy to use, secure and flexible to match any needs.


Pet Shops

Our presence in the Pet Shop marketplace is many years old and PosBrowser is stamping itself as the must-have tool in this industry. 30 years of development combined with new features like pet certificates and an appointment book mean you get much more than just a cash register.


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TABLE SERVICE Stock control

Cafes, Restaurants and bars

We can be the solution for all kinds of stores. Our point of sale is a great choice for you. If you need stock control, customer database, appointment book, a customer loyalty program, electronic supplier invoicing and more, our point of sale has it all.



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Australian made using consultation with thousands of stores across the country, PosBrowser has all the tools you need to handle any kind of general retail store. General goods, stationery, apparel, tobacco, clothes, consumables, greeting cards and much more. We cater to every kind of businesses. Whether you run one store or 100 we can cater to your needs.  


Wholesale - Distribution - Specialists

From its humble beginnings servicing Newsagents and Pharmacies, PosBrowser has expanded its powerful tools to cater for just about any retail service there is. Unlike other point of sale developers who either; only offer a simple cash register or are restricted to developing for one business from the inside, we have been catering to the specific needs of our clients beyond the register screen with solutions that work for them in all situations.  Entirely built and developed here in Australia, PosBrowser represents the collective power of the best minds in our country getting together to share the costs of building the best package for everyone. That's why we can now offer the best solutions to hundreds of specialist stores with any special needs that carry all kinds of stock.  


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