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  • Google Earth: Preparing for Cyclone Debbie

    Cyclone Debbie is just a few hours from hitting Northern Queensland, so we rang up all our clients in the general area to make sure that they have a backup, even those a fair way outside the region because in our experience, the power, the Internet and phones often get cut there. Now to do that what we had to do is make a list of those in the area. So what we did was imported our client list into Google Earth and noted all our clients that are in the general area that Cyclone Debbie may go. This is one of the many uses you can use Google Earth.

    It can be integrated into our software, and a popular use is delivery runs.

    Here are some other uses that I use.

    1) If I am going somewhere new, I like to check on Google Earth both the general direction, the approximate location and then where the actual spot, I am going to. So I know the area as well as location. I feel I am much more in control then when I am just using a GPS.

    2) Getting a map of where your clients are, export from our software into excel and then import the CSV file into Google Earth and its done. In general its very good for maps.

    3) If someone gives me an address, I can check out their shop instantly. For example, whether they are in a shopping centre, a shop, etc. In the city Internet not a problem but in the bush, it might be. Another point is a possible supplier contacted me. I wanted to know are they as big as they claim as it turned out. They were in a little house in the middle of nowhere.

    You may have other uses too.

    Until a few years ago, Google released its Google Earth Pro version for free, and you'll find it here Just get the Pro version, I do not know why the free version is listed at all.

    Then try it out, put in a few street addresses, and once you are acquainted with it; I am sure you will get some use out of it. Just remember that it uses quite a bit of data from the Internet, so you'll need a decent Internet connection in order to use it. I would not go using their flying around on Google Earth on a mobile without WIFI.

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  • Managing Customer Accounts flexibility

    One problem we all have is that customers, accountants, bankers, etc call all the time, demand information about their accounts on a range of dates such as current account information, last financial year, the financial year before last, last month, three months earlier, two weeks ago, it can be anything. Not only that but they often change their mind, they say this date, and once you give it to them, they can say oh no, I meant the date a week earlier.

    So what our clients need from their POS Software is the ability to find out at any time what a client or the total clients owed on this nominated date.

    So go to main menu.

    Register reports

    Now normally, I would recommend using Trial Balance(excel) but for this example, I just wish it to be simple, so I selected Trial Balance.

    Now select the date that the client or whoever requested, just to show you the power of our system, I picked a random date five years ago.

    I also selected by order by Surname as I think it makes it easier to find, and I ignored the "More Criteria" because I do want to keep it simple, but I urge you to experiment later with these options.

    Now out pops among other details a page like this one below Although for security reasons, I blanked out the names, you can see all the relevant information is here.

    A Grand total will be printed at the end for say a banker or accountant.

    This is another example of just how flexible our system is in practice.

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  • Webinar on building a great Cash register

    This week's webinar is going to pickup where we left off last week. Tomorrow we are going to take a look at building the best register to suit your business. We'll take a look through the many different options availible in our point of sale system to make sure you are getting the most out of the POS software.

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  • Some ideas for using your point of sale Receipts

    Most people know that you can on the bottom of the receipt put in a discount voucher, or you can give points on a VIP loyalty marketing system but there is much more you can do with it.

    Consider using the receipt to send promotional messages too. For example, why not promote a marketing season in the shop. Easter is coming; public interest in Easter is high. Looking at google trends its currently just over half of that Christmas.

    If you have something to offer people for Easter why not do so. You have a buyer here, why not try?

    Another idea is using your receipt message to promote your Facebook page or website? Here is a person who buys in your shop, why not push the shop online too. Why wait for them to find you on Facebook? All you have to do is put the web address in the receipt message.

    Finally, I do believe that it is a good idea to include your shop's contact information on the receipt, they have a receipt why not make it a business card too.

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  • A point of sale tip for the new business owners

    If you are taking over an existing shop with our point-of-sale software, please discuss with us, your system and your requirements because the way it is set up now was for the old owner. This may not be the best way for you. We had one client who discovered that his system was set up with data bridge, which linked his shop to a warehouse. The problem was that he did buy or use the warehouse from the old owner. So he was paying for an Internet connection that he never used.

    There are other good reasons to contact us too such as we provide free training to new owners.

    Plus the point-of-sale licence officially remains the property of the previous owner which can cause problems too. For example we had a new owner, call us up and say I need help to get into my system, what is the password? Our support staff said, "Who are you? What shop are you in? Is Mulunger there because we need his authorisation to give you the passwords?" Well that was not easy to do, as Mulunger was long gone.
    We have here a change in business ownership form which will only take is a few minutes to fill out this form and email it to us. Which I do suggest that you fill out on purchase.

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  • New website coming soon (Next week??)

    We are excited to announce that we are almost ready to launch our new website. It certainly has a fresh and new design. It looks crisp, with a new look with bright, bold colours, has a simpler design to make it easier to use and to make it more engaging. It is fully optimised for mobile and tablet, so making it a great experience on a desktop screen and for mobiles.

    This blog will be there as will be a technical blog, which a few readers will find useful. What it is however, designed for is as a storage depository for us and our supplier with research papers of interest to us.

    We also intend to have an updated image gallery to show the latest additions to our portfolio, goods and services.

    Our aim at POS Solutions is to constantly improve the quality of our services and their presence on the web and hopefully this site will help with all of that.

    As always, we'd love to know what you think of our new site! So once it's up please give us your feedback.

    If you need assistance in finding anything, please contact me.



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  • Do you feel that your touchscreen is not working right?

    It actually is hard to describe what you feel when you work a point of sale touchscreen that needs to be re-calibrated as each of them has different errors.

    Generally, you would look for some of these symptoms.

    1) Does your touchscreen feel like it is responding too slowly?

    2) Do you feel like your touches are not correctly being detected?

    3) That the touch experience is no longer smooth as it was before.

    4) That you need to frequently press a button a few times to work.

    If you feel something like this is happening you might try re-calibrating your screen. Each screen is different so you will need to look at the manufacturers specifications.

    If after doing this, it does not fix the problem it probably needs a repairman? At least the repairman will not charge you for the time taken to do the re-calibrating.

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  • A new helpdesk support person required

    Want or know someone that wants to become a Help Desk Support Specialist?

    Well here is a good place for them to start. We have a new position that has opened up in our Melbourne Office for a new helpdesk support person. We are for this position, particularly interested in someone who has good wriiten English as well as point of sale experience.

    Update: Details of the position are available here.

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  • A 'Factory-sealed' computer found with a virus

    A client gave us a brand-new computer like this one, fresh out of the box. What we discovered when setting it up as a server was it had a virus. When we rang up, the company that supplied the equipment, they were puzzled too and claimed it was impossible as it was 'Factory-sealed'. So how and who put on the virus is a mystery?

    Here is my suggestion to you scan your new computers for virus.

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  • News Corp delivery fee increases

    News Corp has just issued their 2017 Annual Distribution Fee Review. The message is clear, what distribution agents received was an average increase equaling the inflation rate of about 1.5%, and that is it. What stunned me was that there was no increase in the monthly fee of $2.30. Just to put a stamp on a letter now has gone up from 70 cents to $1, add an stationery, printing, and handling cost and its clear $2.30 just does not cut it

    The big question now is, can the circulation industry can in its present position with declining circulation, increase prices? The flip side, can it afford not to increase prices as with declining circulation, we are seeing a drop in return on investment as distribution has substantial fixed costs.

    Having said that, any who deliver need to update their fee to the current rates, you can leave the postage/administration fee AS IS.

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