April 2021

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1 month 1 week ago

Professional systematic Retail Counter management: Use it in your shop.

We offer in your POS Software, a professional systematic retail counter management! Consider this your counter is where people are buying. In retail, it's much easier to… more
1 month ago

Why use splitting of bills in your shop?

  Did you know when you at the cash register, you can split a payment? Splitting the bill with several people is commonly used by our restaurant clients. It can help any industry. .... more
1 month ago

Issue your own gift cards to increase sales

    Have you ever investigated issuing your own gift cards in your shop?   It widely used in Pet Shops where many of my clients use our point-of-sale system to sell their own gift cards. It is straightforward and… more
1 month ago

FREE Powerful Webinar on how to setting up an integrated online store

What we are seeing is a massive shift in consumer buying behaviour. The public now is moving online at an astounding rate.  Many of our clients have shown that people like yourself can have viable online stores.… more
1 month ago

A quick first-level approximation to determine your shrinkage

  A first-level approximation of determining your shrinkage You would be getting a theoretical margin in a perfect world. In the real world, goods get stolen, lost, damaged, mispriced, discounted, etc. Checking your theoretical margin It is… more
1 month ago

You can do more with toys then boys and girls

According to reports, I get the Australian toy market is now doing well.  Yet, when I asked a few of my clients about this, I got confusing messages. Part of the reason is that here, I… more
4 weeks 1 day ago

How to Balance Your Cash Register Drawer Like an Expert with X-Offs

Balance Your Cash Register Drawer Like an Expert If you are not now using X-Offs, I would suggest taking a look at this function. You will find the process at the end of day function… more
4 weeks ago

Elon Musk's Starlink is now going in Australia. Will it really deliver?

About 10 million Australians can now finally get Starlink. What the rest are hoping is that it will shake up NBN. Currently, many cannot get NBN. Of those that have it, about a quarter of… more
3 weeks 6 days ago

How to do a cool gift wrapping service in your shop

  Gift wrapping has been a popular service offered by retailers to differentiate their products from other retailers.   Since few have the skill, the public prefers to have people that know how to wrap their purchases. .... more
3 weeks 5 days ago

If you were affected by the Tyro outage?

If you in the Tyro outage and have suffered a financial pact. I urge you to register with Tyro your complaint if you have not done so yet. This is even if you have registered with someone else your… more
3 weeks 3 days ago

If you use Tabcorp (Tatts) and XChangeIT, the connection is now under mass release!

the lotto If you have our POS system and use XChangeit in a Tatts outlet, you can now sign up for the Tatts Terminal Connect integration. This allows the scanning of a unique barcode produced by the… more
3 weeks 2 days ago

Interesting remarks from Commonwealth Bank CEO at Afterpay and other BNPL providers

Recently Buy now, pay later (BNPL) service providers such as Afterpay and Zip have experienced dramatic growth. With many of our clients, these now make up a large proportion of… more
3 weeks 1 day ago

Be very careful about eliminating your cable clutter

This is a common problem today. If you look behind the scenes, what you will often see is a heap of cables. What has happened is that someone has laid some wires. Then someone else has… more
3 weeks ago

Our free inhouse training COVID safe restarts for you and your staff

Customer training Our POS Software is continuously being improved. Extra functions are being added. Plus, people are coming and going. So organisations who use the software need training to… more
3 weeks ago

Lotto Integration with the PosBrowser Register

In partnership with Tabcorp and Xchangeit, you can now scan lotto transactions directly into your cash register via a ticket printed by your lotto machine or using a pop-up menu directly in the Register. Check out this video if you would like to activate they service in your cash register.   Download the instructions and watch the video for a… more
2 weeks 6 days ago

How to scan the problem QR codes in your shop?

This is a scannable QR code advertisement created by drones above the night sky in Shanghai a few days ago. It looks brilliant but makes me wonder if in the future will our heavens … more
2 weeks 3 days ago

Here is an idea, that works use tripwire marketing in your shop

Everyone is trying to get some more retail sales. One of the most effective methods is tripwire marketing. How to set up a tripwire marketing campaign? What you are doing here is making a… more
2 weeks 2 days ago

Problems with your old printer?

Old printers being prepared for the tip Nothing seems to cause more problems than old printers being retired. People tend to get more attached to their printer than any other item of their… more
2 weeks 1 day ago

Love your newsagent campaign dead!

About ten years ago, we were invited to a meeting of the Victorian News Agency Association. It was to discuss the launch of the "Love Your News Agent" campaign. This was to be an… more
1 week 6 days ago

How scents can increase your shop's productivity!

Scents are used in modern retail to increase sales. For example, in front of the sweets counter, some retailers put a licorice scent to increase sales.  What is interesting is that… more