March 2021

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2 months 1 week ago

Using Free Retail CRM software in a COVID-19 World

CRM is short for Customer Relationship Management. You all have a CRM software written for retail that we supplied to you *FREE*. Why not try it out?.... more
2 months 1 week ago

How to use Gross Margin Return on Inventory (GMROI) in your shop

As I stated, GRMOI is one of the foundations of modern inventory management today. This is why we have supplied our clients with this powerful tool.  Hopefully, now, you have been… more
2 months 1 week ago

Get your actual monthly stock sales quantity over the last two years

  Suddenly yesterday, a few people asked me how to get each item's actual stock sales over the last 12 months. .... more
2 months 1 week ago

Another way of quickly seeing what stock needs culling

The unfortunate fact is that we all have old stock sitting in the shop. As a rule, they say that you should look into cull the bottom 20% of your stock.  You can look at the sales by… more
2 months ago

See your shop location sales dashboard by budget, area, last year, etc

I will show you how to set up and use your location dashboard in your shop. This form of analysis is called Same-store sales and is frequently used by many retailers. I will show you how our… more
2 months ago

Upgrading to M.2 SSD will make your computers run faster

If you wanted to increase your computer speeds, these M2 SSD hard drives were the answer. Unfortunately, until relatively recently, these were not an option. Few were available and very… more
2 months ago

How to make the best shop hours for your business

Many business people wonder if opening their shop at some times is worth it. This is particularly true now, as shopping has changed. This is driving our hairdressing shop clients crazy… more
2 months ago

How Important Is Local SEO today for your shop?

  Local SEO is the term we use to use for online searches. This gets people to come to their business in a local area - this includes newsagents, pet shops, chemist, etc.  .... more
2 months ago

If Windows 10 March update is crashing your computers

Fortunately, most of our users took our advice and have set Windows 10 to delay its upgrade by a few days. This is to give Microsoft time to work out the various glitches in its updates. Some of those that have not have found the latest update has been affecting… more
1 month 4 weeks ago

How to find your stock that are on incorrect sale?

One trick often used by bargain hunters is looking for items that were on sale years ago. Sometimes the old codes still work, and so they can pick up a bargain. Occasionally in bargain… more
1 month 4 weeks ago

How about a like for us.

  During this pandemic, I think my company support staff and the IT industry, in general, has done a remarkable job in keeping our community going and functioning.  In challenging… more
1 month 4 weeks ago

Check whether you can claim due to COVID, your Business Interruption Insurance?

  Business Interruption Insurance pandemic.... more
1 month 3 weeks ago

What you need to know about cloud computing for your business!

  Cloud computing is incredible. As this woman above shows, you can be anywhere. This picture was taken at the snow. As long as you have a decent internet connection, you can get into your system. During the COVID… more
1 month 3 weeks ago

This will save you a lot of searching and time

When you deal with a company, generally, you deal with one person there.  So say you have a question that you want to discuss with this company? What you need to do is get the contact… more
1 month 3 weeks ago

Take a look at your CRM software?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are being implemented by everyone now.  You can install one, too, as your Software has a CRM inbuilt. This gives you the tools to build thoughtful… more
1 month 2 weeks ago

How Fast is Your POS System and what to do about it?

Cash register transaction speeds How Fast is Your POS System? Industry-standard is 40 seconds a transaction plus three seconds for each item.  So if a sale has three things, the… more
1 month 2 weeks ago

Make a marginal goal of 1% improvement per year

Before you think it is of little help 1%, let me show you have much of even improvement per year this can make. Going to the ATO benchmark study they give what I consider the best benchmarking… more
1 month 2 weeks ago

Review: HP EliteDesk 800 G5

Review: HP EliteDesk 800 G5   The HP EliteDesk 800 G5 is the perfect PosBrowser server or workstation for small to medium sized shops..... more
1 month 2 weeks ago

In one second see your historical Sales, Purchases and Order figures

  - Still manually tracking inventory and sales? - Are you trying to decide what your sellers are?  - Need to know how many you need of an item? Try this. It will take you one… more
1 month 2 weeks ago

Review: HP Prodesk 400 G6

Review: HP ProDesk 400 G6   The HP Prodesk 400 G6 is a next generation PC designed for small business needs..... more
1 month 2 weeks ago

Computer Sales have skyrocketed

There is a tremendous increase in computer hardware sold. We have been moving heaps. Here above are some pictures of yesterday. The big problem is the troubled supply line… more
1 month 2 weeks ago

How to mark perishable items in your shop

 Refrigerated items such as packaged foods products require you to do special handling. - It also requires sometimes for you to prominently mark on your label something like “Perishable - Keep Under Refrigeration.”  - It often requires close monitoring of these items once they pass a certain date. Then they must be transferred to a secondary… more
1 month 1 week ago

Importance and benefit of using your fixed asset register

We provide free in our software an Asset Register. This is because businesses of any size need to manage a variety of assets. An asset register is a listing of all your fixed assets. This then is used to summarise both accounting and deductible taxation… more