January 2021

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3 months 2 weeks ago

How should you position your monitor for your eyes?

Today in retail software, many people are looking at computers for an extended period.  What can happen here is that after an extended period many start complaining of headaches and… more
3 months 2 weeks ago

Why use a Digital Receipt Solution in your shop?

Our new DTI system is a digital, paperless receipt. It is a much smarter, more attractive alternative to paper, PDF, or standard email receipts. This is because 80% of customers look at their digital receipt after purchasing. This gives the retailer a terrific marketing tool, a second chance to sell more.  This video will give you some ideas on… more
3 months 2 weeks ago

Newspower's ink sale file

If you are using Newspower to buy ink sales, be aware that there is a problem with the current category file. What it is, is the descriptions have been duplicated. See here.   If… more
3 months 2 weeks ago

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) do you need that headache?

Say an international customer pays using their credit card. If you have activated Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), they get a choice of whether to pay in their own or your currency. DCC can be attractive to them. The reason is that generally, they are not interested in your currency. They want to know what it will cost them in their money. Yet,… more
3 months 2 weeks ago

Here is a checklist on how to select new gift lines

  If you are dealing with giftware, you always need to select new products. These products come and go, and also you need to offer your customers new products all the time. Computers… more
3 months 1 week ago

Tyro outage

  Many of our clients use Tyro. So on their behalf we made enquires what is happening about the current outage. I have been told about 15% approx has been affected by the recent outage for a couple… more
3 months 1 week ago

See where the $$ are coming from now?

Now is an ideal time to see how you are going. To do this, retailers often measure their performance by the current to last year's figures.  Although many do this by months, working in… more
3 months 1 week ago

How to create a happy hour for your VIP club

  In 2020, one point shown was nothing works to motivate customers to buy as effectively as VIP points.  So if you want to drum up business, pick a slow time and widely announce a period of double or triple points for customers.  It is easy and quick to… more
3 months 1 week ago

Tyro pickup of terminals

Is Tyro coming to replace one of your terminals?  Check the address on the email they sent you! It appears on some that their trading address in the Tyro system is incorrect.  Also, as some with… more
3 months 1 week ago

Why use Price off rather then a discount percentage?

  Studies have shown that if you are reducing a price, you are better off using a price-off amount rather than a percentage off.  People are suspicious of the vague statements of discount percentage. Also, many… more
3 months 1 week ago

Warning your ‘No Refund’ Signs can be Illegal

  One of my clients got in some trouble recently over a "'No refund on sale items" sign. A lawyer who is one of their customers told them that they were "misrepresenting rights available… more
3 months 1 week ago

What first to do if a scanner starts to fail?

    Suppose your scanner plays up a bit and seems to be getting worse..... more
3 months ago

How to do transaction tracking in your system?

My recent post on refund caused some people to ask how you mark those sales made with special conditions. This my previous example was a broken item, sold cheaply as an "AS IS." This we call transaction tracking in our system. It's an incredibly… more
3 months ago

How to add a Purchase Order Number to an order?

Purchase Order Numbers Purchase Orders (PO) is how most organisations track and manage orders.   Today they have another purpose as many formal contracts state that they only are valid when a Purchase Order is issued.  The other issue is that they pay based on these… more
3 months ago

How to make your in demand Products more accessible to customers!

Now is not the time to keep a “business as usual” approach. COVID-19 has changed the retail scene. Do not count on your experience. You need to look at the data.  See what items are driving you the most traffic and profits into your shop. Once you know your money-makers, you can move them to prominent places. The current retail theory states that… more
3 months ago

How to do a quick fix in the Cash Register

Say you are running up in the cash register a transaction. You notice that a price, description, quantity, discount, or whatever is not right. Simply click on the item. For example, to change the item's description in the cash register, click or touch on a touch screen… more
3 months ago

Checklist on security of your stock checklist

Current figures, well figures based on the last survey done in August 2019, in Australia and New Zealand Retail Crime Survey reported total crime-related retail… more
2 months 4 weeks ago

Tyro we have been busy reintegrating

Tyro compare When your terminals arrive, please call us immediately to reintegrate them.  We need the new terminals or the fixed old ones to reconnect. When this started, we went through our list new we have finally… more
2 months 3 weeks ago

What is your business mission statement

  This is the time of year when I sit back and think about where we need to go.   Here is a quick question, do you ever ask yourself what your business mission statement… more
2 months 3 weeks ago

Australia Day

Wishing you, your staff, and your family a Happy Australia Day.       .... more
2 months 3 weeks ago

On any day, how to immediately see who is in!

A customer asks you a question, and you need to brief the person on duty that day, who is that person. If you use the automatic roster system supplied free in our software,… more
2 months 3 weeks ago

A new generation of scales is now coming out

  While I was looking at the new generation of scales that are coming out, I noticed quite a few improvements. -Touch displays are standard  -Displays are now colour standard, they… more
2 months 3 weeks ago

Microsoft has ended support for Windows 7, now what?

Usage in Windows 7 has been dramatically falling as such Microsoft has ended support for Windows 7. Windows desktop over time   For many left on it, what now?.... more