Have you ever investigated issuing your own gift cards in your shop?  

It widely used in Pet Shops where many of my clients use our point-of-sale system to sell their own gift cards. It is straightforward and easy to do. 

They use it as it increases sales and helps generate repeat business. 

Here are a few advantages.

1) Customer with a gift card often visit the shop more than once to redeem the card balance? 

2) Most gift card buyers and recipients tend to buy more than the face value of a  gift card. Studies show about 30% more.

3) Some gift cards are never claimed, so becoming pure profit. Industry figures are about 2%. If your average margin is 25%, then that increases your margin to 26.5% 

4) You can use them instead of a discount, offer say for every $50 purchased, a $5 gift voucher free.  It's a better deal for you than a $5 discount.

5) They make good discount voucher, better than giving away money.

6) Expand your market. Rather than give local charity money, why not provide them with a gift voucher to entice them to shop with you.

Take a look at it and let me know.

Go to cash register section > Gift vouchers.


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