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Have hackers stolen your email details?


Very soon a search engine of hacks will pass 4 billion emails mark of addresses that are hacked email. If you think that the world wide web has about 3.2 users that means about one and a bit email addresses per user. As you can see the hacked emails listed is now 3.9 billion.



With the recent hack of the Swedish goverment will certainly add another few million to the list as it looks like almost everyone in Sweden accounts were hacked.

To test to see if you are hacked go to, enter your and some of your closest friends and relatives e-mail address. Then click the “pwned?” button to the right. Your email will be checked to see if it is on the list. Check as many as you want, then notify them if they have been hacked. As a tip make sure that they do something,

If it says an email account has been hacked, change the password of the site immediately. Here are some passwords to avoid.

Warning a data breach


Warning its just been announced that a website linked to Tower systems has been hacked again. Although its annouced the problem has been fixed on the website, if you have or had an account on their website, I strongly suggest that you review your passwords there. The question you need to ask yourself now is have you used these details on other sites? If so, it is possible that a hacker now has your account name and password on these websites. This information is the main reason for such website hacks as the average person, has about five passwords to make it easy for them to remember. A skilled hacker knows this sh they will immediately test this information on such sites as paypal, Amazon, Coles, common web based email and others. If they get in; it can be a big problem.

Although I doubt that this site will register the data breach formally, as many don't, still one site, I do recommend you go to, to test your email, and your common account login is here.

Enter in your common usernames and email accounts and see if anything has come up. Now register yourself to get warning if something comes up.

Now if you want to see for yourself hacking being done in real-time, a large computer company Norse which owns throughout the world thousands of data centres monitors many of the hacking attacks that come into its system, by location, severity and types. As numbers, it is not particularly interesting but what they have done is turned it into a memorising animated coloured shooting arrows that cross a map of the world. You can get a feel of just how big this hacking is right now. It's a war and its simply amazing to watch. Just remember this is only the information from one company; you can multiplied it by a million times more. Hacking is a multi billion dollar industry today. You can see attacks from one country to another.

Check it out at this site

To see it for yourself, you will be amazed.

Pos equipment : Cashdraw



Most cash drawer work through the receipt printer so firstly check your printer is working correctly. 90% of the time, we find the receipt printer has run out of paper.

If the receipt printer is working fine, then check if it's a loose cable. Check its in securely, push it in order to make sure. If that does not help take the cables out and put them back in.

If this does not ďes not fix the problem, consider asking for help, as a rule I would expect that there is a problem it is in your receipt printer not in the cashdraw.