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  • Webinar: Effective Stock Management

    Facebook live stutter made watching the video yesterday a bit hard so please enjoy here our directors cut of Dissection - Family - Class and Category maintenance tips to get your books and workflow running smoothly with our point of sale.

    PS feel free to press LIKE in facebook too. Paul will appreciate it.

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  • your store with PayPal

    These new paypal units are easily to set up and run in your shop with our point-of-sale system using our paypal link. They are used by people interested in accepting Paypal payments in person.

    The big advantages we see with the paypal link is that:

    1) It allows you to accept a wider range of payment methods.

    2) The funds are transferred often in seconds.

    3) These units are mobile. You can jump in the car drive to your client's site and do the transaction there. Which is great for people that do work or deliveries to a place outside the shop?

    4) It is also good where there is an element of trust required, with paypal clients have a guarantee, so they are often much more willing to pay. This is particularly important dealing with overseas people.

    One warning I will give you based on one of our client's experience is if you do accept paypal, is when the item is to be picked up by the client or their friends who take the goods, if a dispute occurs, Paypal requires PROOF OF DELIVERY, make sure that you have it.

    The units themselves are about $50, and the PayPal Merchant fee is 2.7% flat and most importantly there are no other fees which I would say is acceptable for International and Premium Cards.

    If you are interested in knowing more, please let me know.

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  • For those of you that use Touch networks

    We received the following notification that Touch Networks Service Desk from 6:30pm to 9:30pm tonight with be unavailable. For critical issues in this period, please call them on 0406 873 159.

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  • Stock classification and control

    The ability to control your stock, in our point of sale software is considered particularly strong. So this week's webinar is taking you though some tips and tricks for controlling your stock dissections, departments, family and classes.

    If you have any questions about your stock control while watching you can ask them via the comments here or on the video.

    The webinar is available here.

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  • Adhoc reporting

    One point where our point of sale software is its power. Here is another example of its power showing adhoc reporting. Say I am looking for a pen which on the invoice is listed as $5.51 wholesale and I want to know which one it is.

    So I go to the reports.

    Now select Details Listing (excel), simply to give me all the details.

    Here I am going to ask for BIC as its a BIC invoice.

    Out pops an excel listing.

    I go to the column labeled Wholesale price

    Press Fliter and select all items that have a wholesale price of $5.51

    Here there is only one item , and it is listed here.

    So the item I wanted has a BIC code of 41330. It took me less than a minute to find it.

    With adhoc reporting, the information you get is limited only by your imagination.

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  • New Data Breach laws are coming

    For anyone having a website, you need know that we will soon have a mandatory data breach notification scheme in place and most website owners will need to notify the Privacy Commissioner and the affected people "as soon as practicable" (a few days) after knowing a data breach has occurred. If they think, it may have happened they have 30 days to ascertain whether or not it has actually occurred.

    Those that fail to notify can face penalties, including fines of $360,000 for individuals and $1.8 million for organisations.

    A serious breach would include people's personal details, credit reporting information, credit eligibility information, and tax file number information. Lucky I think few of my clients would be holding information like that online.

    Furthermore, now the courts will be able to look after the breach as to how "likely" this Data Breach was too.

    Personally we welcome the news, even recently we have seen companies after a Data Breach simply waffle over the damage, pretend that nothing is gone, do nothing to notify people that are affected and continue like before. It is frustrating even when you tell them of a vulnerability, and they do nothing. I have seen a site with its users and passwords all publicly listed on the web and the site has done nothing even after being told.

    I know this Data Breach notification scheme is yet to begin, and it does not apply to all businesses, but it is a good wake-up call that the courts, government and Australian in general are taking data breaches more seriously. So I do believe it is an ideal time to review your company's data security to ensure that no customer data is unwittingly compromised.

    Look what information you do have.

    Look how you're protecting your customer data.

    Whether or not your security practices are adequate.

    You can read more details here.

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  • Retail tip: Your Email Signature

    Here is a quick low cost method to advertise your business.

    I am sure that everyday you send out a lot of emails. If you think about it, many of those people already are aware of something that you offer but there might be much more that you can offer them. Why not use this communication with them to try to promote more of your business or a service. Provide them a link to your website and/or your Facebook page. See in my signature, the green arrow.

    If you are currently featuring a new campaign why not use your email signature to promote that? For example, ANZAC day is coming up; so perhas put in your email signature "Come see our ANZAC....". If you are displaying at an local event "See you at ABC school fair..."

    Here are some tips

    - Use text email signiture as many people today block images automatically so they will not see your email signiture
    - Keep it short, who is going to read a long signature? Your message will be lost.
    - Keep it simple - Trust me, it looks more professional.
    - Don't use any fancy word processing, e.g. Bullets as they often do not work on some people computers, and it can be a problem as they can look different with email clients like Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.
    - Don't use images, most people block images now.

    Use your email signature to advertise your business

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  • 393 million email addresses found on a spammers list.

    Recently as a public service, I passed on a warning of a Data Breach and a possible Data Breach in our market space, well today. I got word of details on the innerworkings of a massive, illegal spam operation. It was mind blowing as it involves almost 400 million email addresses. With the numbers that high, the chances are good that you, or at least someone you know, is affected. Details are here.

    If you have done what we suggested and signed up for its free alert service on this site here you would have been warned.

    I think it's important to register yourself as we have seen recently a number of big attacks by hackers, some of which are the world's best-known websites like Linkedin, Adobe and Yahoo which you would think are safe and you cannot be too careful.

    It is easy to use; you just type in your email address for your email addresses and you will get an instant result. At the same time, I would suggest that you check your family members accounts too. You never know.

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  • Consider eServices in your shop

    Most retailers need more people coming into the shop. There are several methods you can use to get more people in. The two most popular methods are to buy them using advertisements, and the other is to sell products that people are interested in, so some of these people will come into the shop which has eServices.

    Services are currently a huge market in Australia, telco, phonecards and giftcards alone are sold in the billions of dollars. In 2015 here I did a study and estimated that it was paying its own way and brought into a typical shop over 100 people a month. One point I have been told recently is that telco customers tend to be tourist who buy plenty of gifts which may help many retailers.

    The only such service we recommend is by Touch is fully integrated into our point of sale software.

    For more details click here .

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  • Latest Small business webinar

    This week's webinar is taking you though some tips and tricks for keeping your computer running your pos system smoothly.

    If you have any questions about windows while watching you can ask them via the comments here or on the video.

    The webinar is available here.

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